Anti-dragon shield

Anti-dragon shield

The Anti-dragon shield is an item used in the Dragon Slayer quest, which can be kept afterwards. It is obtained from Duke Horacio in Lumbridge Castle.

Obtaining an Anti-Dragon shield from Duke Horacio is also a Medium Lumbridge/Draynor Task.

The shield's defensive bonuses are roughly the same as the Iron square shield, except that it has magical defence and no magic or ranged penalty. In addition to this, the Anti-dragon shield prevents a great amount of damage from the magical fire-breath of dragons. It should be noted that there are no dragons in F2P with the exception of Elvarg and those in Daemonheim.

Some players obtain multiple shields for the convenience of having them in the bank in case they die and lose one. Others get multiples so that they can sell them for a profit later on. You can also make good money when obtaining many shields and selling them in the Grand Exchange, as some players pay a lot for them.

Image taken from RuneScape_Wiki. All copyright information can be found there.

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