Defence.gif Best Free-to-Play Melee Defence BonusesEdit

The following armour gives the highest possible melee defence bonus for non-members:

Item Image Stab
Requirements to wear/use
Rune full helm(1) File:Rune full helm.gif +30 +32 +27 40 defence
Fighting boots File:Fightingboots.png +1 +2 +3 None
Rune platebody(1)(4) File:Rune platebody.gif +82 +80 +72 40 defence
Rune platelegs(1) File:Rune platelegs.gif +51 +49 +47 40 defence
Longswords(2) Black longsword 0 +3 +2 None (for Bronze longsword and Iron longsword)
Rune berserker shield-100 File:Rune berserker shield 100.png +45 +49 +47 45 defence
Rune gauntlets File:Rune gauntlets.gif +10 +11 +11 40 defence
Any Cape(3) File:Cape green.png 0 +1 +1 None
Amulet of Defence File:Emerald amulet.png +7 +7 +7 None
Total +226 +234 +223 with rune chainbody 45 defence with completion of Dragon Slayer and beginning of Demon Slayer

1. Trimmed, gold, and any heraldric versions also work.

2. All Longswords give the same melee defence bonuses, including special longswords like Silverlight and Blurite sword.

3. Team capes give the same bonuses.

4. A rune chainbody gives +78 crush defence, while the rune platebody only gives +72.

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