Using the accurate attack style in the attack style menu.

Attack is a melee combat skill that determines accuracy of attacks. A player's Attack level is also a qualification for wielding certain melee weapons.

Currently the minimum requirement to be ranked on the highscores for Attack is level 15. Since January 17th, 2012, there are 106,009 players with level 99 in Attack.

Fighting accuratelyEdit

Attack is trained with the "Accurate" attack style, accessed from the Combat Options menu. Most weapons have an option to train Accurately, although some cannot effectively train Attack.

The "Accurate" attack style gives an invisible +3 bonus levels to Attack.


If a player hits an opponent, the damage dealt is multiplied by 0.4 and that amount of experience is given to the Attack skill. For example, if a player hits a 1, then they will receive 0.4 Attack experience. Exp = 0.4x

Some experience is also given to a player's Hitpoints level when they deal damage. If a player hits an opponent, whatever damage they deal is multiplied by 1.33 and given to their Hitpoints. For example, if a player hits a 1, then they will receive 1.33 Hitpoints experience, in addition to the 4 experience in attack. Exp = 1.33x

If a player fights with the "controlled" attack style, then their damage dealt is multiplied by 1.33 and given to the player's Attack, Strength, Defence, and Hitpoints level.

Combat training (dummies)Edit

Players with an attack level of 1 and above can train on dummies at Lumbridge. Players with an attack level of 7 or lower can train on dummies at Varrock.

Dummies are sandbags which players can hit and not risk being dealt damage. Striking a dummy gives 5.2 Attack experience, but does not give Hitpoints experience. Dummies can be found in various places across RuneScape, though the most popular place is north of Varrock's east bank, and most recently the tutor building in Lumbridge.

Attack bonusesEdit

Main article: Equipment bonuses#Attack bonuses

Almost all weapons give players "attack bonuses" to certain attack types. These bonuses can be seen in the equipment menu, to the right of the inventory menu. Attack bonuses give players advantages as well as disadvantages in combat.

Other attack bonusesEdit

  • An amulet of accuracy gives an equipment bonus of +4 to all attack types.
  • An amulet of power gives an equipment bonus of +6 to the all attack types.
  • A free player's max stab bonus is 64.(44 using non-degradable weapons.)
  • A free player's max slash bonus is 76.(75 using non-degradable weapons.)
  • A free player's max crush bonus is 93.(59 using non-degradable weapons.)


Levels needed to wield different types of weapons are as follows:

Type Level Notes
Bronze 1 Apart from the comedy weapons, bronze weapons are the weakest weapons in all of RuneScape.
Iron 1 Iron weapons are stronger than bronze weapons.
Steel 5 Steel weapons are stronger than iron weapons.
Black 10 Black weapons are stronger than steel weapons.
Mithril 20 Mithril weapons are stronger than black weapons.
Adamant 30 Adamant weapons are stronger than mithril weapons.
Rune 40

Rune weapons are stronger than adamant weapons and are also the strongest weapons free players can wield.

Note that corrupt dragon weapons are the strongest best but degrade to dust very quickly.

Maximum attack bonusEdit

Item Image Stab attack bonus Slash attack bonus Crush attack bonus Notes

Temporary boostsEdit

  • Prayer - Clarity of Thought, Improved Reflexes, and Incredible Reflexes boosts attack level by 5%, 10%, and 15% respectively.

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