Varrock Bank

A Varrock Bank

Banks are where players store their items. F2p players only got a limited amount of space. Members can store as many more items.In banks you can also retrieve items bought from Grand Exchange.


You can retrieve your items in many different options.Here's a list of them:

Withdraw-1-Withraw one item.

Withdraw-5-Withdraw five items.

Withdraw-10-Withdraw ten items.

Withdraw-50-Withdraw fifty items.

Withdraw-(n)-Withdraw (n) items, where (n)is a custom amount based on the amount entered in the last transaction.

Withdraw-x-Withdraw x is where you enter how much you want to take.

Withdraw-all-Withdraw all items in the bank.

Withdraw-all but one-Withdraw all items except one .And you can lock in the custom amount (n) for subsequent transactions.

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