Bones are items dropped by almost all monsters when they die, including the players themselves. The main use of bones on f2p Runescape is for training Prayer. Players can bury bones by simply clicking on them when they are in thier inventory.
Bones of runescape

Regular bones in Runescape.


Regular bones give 4.5 experience when buried. Players looking to train Prayer quickly should bury all bones they see. Another easy way to train Prayer is to go to areas where players commonly kill monsters that drop bones. In certain areas such as the Edgeville Dungeon, bones spawn.

Kinds of free to play bonesEdit

There are currently 4 kinds of bones on F2P Runescape.


  • Ancient bones are prizes received from the The Restless Ghost quest. They give 400 experience each.
  • Not all f2P monsters drop bones, such as an Imp, which drops ashes, and spiders, which drop nothing, supposing they are invertabraes.

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