Dungeoneering is a skill that lets the player explore unknown depths and conquer challenges. The main way to get Dungeoneering experience is to go to Daemonheim, using the Ring of Kinship. Players may not enter the dungeon in Daemonhiem if they have any item on them or in their inventory except for the Ring of Kinship. A player must complete a dungeon, by killing the boss, to gain Dungeoneering experience. The Dungeoneering experience the player gains is based on the level of the dungeon, the player's prestige level, and how many times the player died in the dungeon. If a player dies in the Dungeoneering dungeon, they respawn at the Smuggler with all their items, unless they were carrying the Group Gatestone, in which case it drops on the floor where they died. Dungeoneering levels also let you access various Resource Dungeons.

In Daemonheim, there is a new set of equipment that players can use, that cannot be taken out of Daemonheim.

Dungeoneering EquipmentEdit


Melee Dungeoneering equipment can be mined and smithed. The five different kinds of metal: Novite, Bathus, Marmaros, Kratonite, and Fractite. The different armour types are: boots, guantlets, full helms, kiteshields, plateskirts, platelegs, chainbodies, and platebodies. The different weapon types are: dagger, rapiers, longsword, battleaxes, two-handed swords, warhammers, spears, and mauls.


Ranged Dungeoneering equipment can be crafted. The five different types of leathers are: protoleather, subleather, paraleather, archleather, and dromoleather. The different armour types are: boots, vambraces, coifs, chaps, and bodies. The five different types of bows are: tangle gum, seeping elm, blood spindle, utuku, and spinebeam.


Magic Dungeoneering equipment can be crafted. The five different types of cloth are: salve, wildercress, blightleaf, roseblood, and bryll. The different armour types are: shoes, gloves, hood, robe bottom, and robe top. Players can make five different staves, using a tangle gum staff on the runecrafting altar at the Smuggler. A water staff requires level 1 runecrafting to make, an earth staff requires level 10, a fire staff requires level 20, an air staff requires level 30 runecrafting, and a catalytic staff requires level 40 runecrafting. The four elemental staves replace any runes of their element required to cast a spell, and give +7 magic attack bonus and +7 magic defence bonus. A catalytic staff requires level 40 magic to wield, and increases the maximum damage of spells by 15%.

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RuneScape Dungeoneering

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