Riots and rioters specifically entitled to and for F2P players demanding more attention and change are known as F2P rioters', these types of riots/rioters are currently on the rise within F2P worlds. This riot is becoming more and more drastic because Jagex tends to ignore the majority of riots alone, and many people also think that Jagex ignores F2P riots the most (which is one of the reasons the riot is happening in the first place)

Many recent changes and updates to Runescape, with the few exceptions of several holiday events, are concerned with members only, and as such, F2Pers, who make up a significant portion of Runescape, feel left out and tend to lash out against P2Pers and Jagex alike. This riot has become more violent. F2Pers that support the riot are starting to attack members and pro jagex users or as they are also called 'supporters' in pvp mini games because of their non support for the riot. In fact, some supporters get very radical and flame the rioters which makes for a big flaming fight.

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