List of quest release datesEdit

Here is a list of all free to play quest by they release date:

Cook's Assistant-4 January 2001

Demon Slayer-4 January 2001

The Restless Ghost-4 January 2001

Sheep Shearer-4 January 2001

Shield of Arrav-4 January 2001

Ernest the Chicken-21 January 2001

Vampire Slayer-28 January 2001

Imp Catcher-16 February 2001

Prince Ali Rescue-28 February 2001

Doric's Quest-6 April 2001

Black Knights' Fortress (quest)-6 April 2001

Witch's Potion-6 April 2001

The Knight's Sword-6 April 2001

Goblin Diplomacy-8 May 2001

Pirate's Treasure-11 June 2001

Dragon Slayer-23 September 2001

Rune Mysteries-1 December 2003

Swept Away-28 October 2008

Myths of the White Land-16 December 2008

The Blood Pact-15 March 2010

Gunnar's Ground-21 September 2010

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