Metals are the main driving force of armor and weapons in runescape. There are 7 basic metals in runescape: bronze, iron, steel, black, mithril, admant, and rune. These metals rquire different levels of mining and smitthing in order to aquire and make armor and weapons out of.

  • Bronze requires level 1 minning to get, up to level 10 smithing to smelt items with.
  • Iron requires level 20 to mine, up to level 33 smithing to smelt item.
  • steel is refined iron, requiring 1 iron and 2 coal, as well as at least level 30 smithing to smelt.
  • black is special, only found by monster drops as well as buying from stores in runescape, as well as by trading.
  • mithril can be mined at level 50 mining and requires 60 or so smithing to smelt.
  • admant requires level 70 to mine and requires level 70 smithing to smelt.
  • Rune being th strongest F2P metal, requires 90 minning and 90 smithing to smelt items from.

These are other variouse types of metals but im too bored to talk about them so someone else do it...

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