Romeo Gontamue was one of Varrock's minor nobles, and a central character in the now removed Romeo & Juliet quest, where the player had to attempt to unite Romeo with his love,Juliet. He, along with Juliet and the quest, were a direct reference to the famous Shakespearean tragedy Romeo and Juliet. Romeo is notably different from the character in the play, as theRuneScape version appears to be foppish, slow-witted and idiotic. He has trouble with wording his sentences correctly and cannot grasp the basic plan of the quest, thinking that Juliet is a ghost towards the end of the quest and running away.

Romeo began the Romeo & Juliet quest, and could have been generally found in Varrock Square, by the fountain. However, he also had a rather large wander radius for a questNPC, and has been known to wander as far as Varrock East Bank, the General Store, and even the courtyard of Varrock Castle. He dressed flamboyantly and holds a bouquet of flowers, similar to the wieldable flowersobtainable by members.

Release date 4 January

2001 (Update)

Removal date 21 September

2010 (Update)

Race Human
Members NPC? No
Quest NPC? Yes - Romeo and Juliet andDefender of Varrock
Location Centre ofVarrock
Sells items? No
Skillrequirement? No
Questrequirement? No
Gender Male
Examine Rather dense and soppy looking.
Notable features Heartbroken man.


  • Romeo bears a striking resemblance to Clive.
  • When Romeo & Juliet was removed, Romeo was removed along with it.
  • Romeo's second name, Gontamue, is a simple anagram of the wordMontague, the last name of Romeo in the original Shakespearean play.
  • In issue 14 of Postbag from the Hedge, Romeo reveals that his cloak, which appears to be a Moonclan cape, was dropped by the Wise Old Man in Varrock.
  • The emotes Cry, Blow Kiss, Panic, Raspberry and Air Guitar's icons appear to be images of Romeo.
  • It was possible to contact Romeo using the spell NPC Contact, where he would act affectionately towards the player. Now that he is no longer in the game, it is unknown whether he can still be contacted.
  • Romeo appears to be an adult, but in the original play by Shakespeare, he is actually 15. However, at the time Shakespeare wrote the play, the average human life expectancy was around 30 years; therefore, 15 could have been considered "adult age" at the time.
  • As of the 15th of September, 2010, update, Romeo was removed by a mistake. He was then brought back soon after; however, the quest was still possible to start by talking to Juliet.
  • Romeo wore a Moonclan cape, while Philipa wore a Moonclan skirt.
  • Romeo also wore Flowers (pastel).
  • Romeo used to initiate conversations with random people about the Romeo & Juliet quest to people who had not started it. However, it was removed by Jagex in an update.

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