Rune is a type of metal, used for armour and weapons. Rune is the highest level non-degradable type of equipment that does not crumble to dust (like corrupt dragon equipment).


Rune bars can be made with one runite ore and eight pieces of coal at a furnace with level 85 smithing. Smithing any kind of rune equipment that can be smithed gives 75 experience times the number of bars it takes to smith that item.

Rune equipment takes higher and higher levels of smithing to make, up to rune platebody, which requires level 99 smithing.

Types of Rune ArmourEdit

All rune armour requires level 40 defence to wear.

Types of rune armour:

Rune platebody requires the completion of the quest Dragon Slayer to wear.

Rune guantlets, rune berserker shields and rune spikeshield come in charged and uncharged forms. Neither of them can be smithed, and must be bought from Reggie with Fist of Guthix Tokens. Only the uncharged forms can be bought on the Grand Exchange. A player can recharge these items when in their uncharged state by buying the charge from Reggie, paying fewer Fist of Guthix Tokens than it takes to buy each one charged.

Rune berserker shields requires 45 defence to wear.

Types of Rune WeaponsEdit

All rune weapons require level 40 attack to wear.

Types of rune weapons:

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