Rune Baxe
The Rune battleaxe is the third strongest Battleaxe in RuneScape, with the Corrupt dragon battleaxe being second and the Dragon battleaxe as the strongest. It is more powerful than the Adamant battleaxe. Like all Rune weapons, it requires 40 attack to wield, and can only be used in combat. It is the 2nd strongest battleaxe available to free players, the strongest being the corrupt dragon battleaxe.

Players can make a rune battleaxe with the Smithing skill at level 95 using three Rune bars, giving the player 250 Smithing experience. The rune battleaxe is one of the most heavily-damaging conventional weapons in free-to-play, beside the Rune 2h and Gravite 2h. It provides a higher strength bonus than the blunt rune warhammer, but is more easily blocked with armour usage. It uses primarily slashing attacks, but can also use a crush attack with the aggressive attack style, though it has a slightly lower but effective crush attack bonus. This item is dropped by a large variety of monsters, including iron dragons, steel dragons, mithril dragons, nechryael, abyssal demons, dark beasts, black demons and so on. In free-to-play the rune battleaxe is the second most used weapon for a KO effect (behind the Rune 2h sword) because the weapon does not take up the shield slot, and does almost as much damage as the Rune 2h sword. This battleaxe is commonly used in free-to-play PKing due to its high strength bonus and the ability to be used in conjunction with a shield. Players can purchase this item from the Grand Exchange in Varrock.

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