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For the metal, see Rune.

Runes are small, weightless stones that allow users to cast spells using the Magic skill.

Runes can either be bought from the various Rune shops found across RuneScape, traded with other players, purchased on the Grand Exchange, created from rune essence through the Runecrafting skill, Obtained from the Runecrafting Guild, procured from drops by killing monsters, or picked up from spawns on the ground.

It should also be noted that the elemental runes - Air, Water, Earth and Fire runes - can be substituted for when wielding a respective elemental Staff, Battlestaff or Mystic staff, giving the player infinte runes of that type. The only time an elemental staff cannot be used to substitute for runes is when setting up a portal in the Portal Chamber of a Player-owned house.


Runes and Their UsesEdit

Air rune Air rune One of the four basic elemental runes. These are used to cast Wind attacks.
Water rune Water rune One of the four basic elemental runes. These are used to cast Water attacks. .
Earth rune Earth rune One of the four basic elemental runes. These are used to cast Earth attacks.
Fire rune Fire rune One of the four basic elemental runes. These are used to cast Fire attacks.
Mind rune Mind rune This rune is used for low-level attack spells (Strikes). .
Chaos rune Chaos rune This rune is used for medium-level attack spells (Bolts).
Death rune Death rune This rune is used for high-level attack spells (Blasts).
Body rune Body rune This rune is used for cursing spells.
Cosmic rune Cosmic rune This rune is used for enchanting spells.
Nature rune Nature rune This rune is used for alchemy spells.
Law rune Law rune This rune is used for teleportation spells.

Every rune can be made with the Runecrafting skill, however only the four elemental runes, mind runes and body runes can be runecrafted in free-to-play.


Staves are magical weapons which can autocast combat spells and act as an infinite supply of an elemental rune.

Item Attack Defence Strength
StaffStaff *7423143
Magic staffMagic staff *1010231107
Staff of airStaff of air710231103
Staff of waterStaff of water710231103
Staff of earthStaff of earth910231105
Staff of fireStaff of fire910231106

History of RunesEdit

In the past, lots of rune were created by Guthix, the god of balance.

Runes were once avaliable to make to the wizards of the past, however followers of Zamorak destroyed the old Wizard Tower and the infomation that made this possible, however if you have completed Rune Mysteries (Quest) , you gain the knowledge on how to mine rune essence and use the respective talismans to make runes.

Rune Shop LocationsEdit

Runes can be purchased from stores at the following locations.

  • Al Kharid
  • Port Sarim
  • South-East Varrock


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