Spells have different magic level requirement, but there are no spells that require more than level 59 magic.

Combat SpellsEdit

Combat spells are used to damage or weaken monsters or another player.

Damaging SpellsEdit

These spells directly damage a monster or player.

Spell Magic lvl Air runes Water runes Earth runes Fire runes Mind runes Chaos runes Death runes
Wind Rush 1 2
Wind Strike 1 1 1
Water Strike 5 1 1 1
Earth Strike 9 1 2 1
Fire Strike 13 2 3 1
Wind Bolt 17 2 1
Water Bolt 23 2 2 1
Earth Bolt 29 2 3 1
Fire Bolt 35 3 4 1
Wind Blast 41 3 1
Water Blast 47 3 3 1
Earth Blast 53 3 4 1
Fire Blast 59 4 5 1

Other Combat SpellsEdit

These spells do not directly damage monsters and players, but weaken or incapacitate them.

Spell Magic Lvl Air runes Water runes Earth runes Body runes Nature runes Chaos runes
Confuse 3 3 2 1
Weaken 11 3 2 1
Curse 19 2 3 1
Bind 20 3 3 2
Crumble Undead 39 2 2 1

Non-Combat SpellsEdit

Non-combat spells are used to teleport yourself, enchant jewellery, or change an item in some way.

Teleport SpellsEdit

All teleport spells cost one nature rune, three air runes, and one other rune, fire for Varrock, earth for Lumbridge, and water for Falador.

Enchant SpellsEdit

Enchant spells are used to put more equipment bonuses on gemmed pieces of jewellery. Jewellery is any ring, necklace, or amulet, and is made from one gold bar on a furnace, with the crafting skill. The types of gems go, from lowest level to highest, sapphire, emarald, ruby, diamond. The four levels of enchant spells are used for each of these four kinds of gems.

Alchemical SpellsEdit

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