Twisted bird skull necklase

A photo of the twisted bird skull necklace

The twisted bird skull necklace is obtained through Dungeoneering. It costs 8,500 Dungeoneering tokens and requires level 30 prayer and 30 Dungeoneering to weild. The twisted bird skull necklace hold the spot for highest F2P prayer bonus in the amulet slot, giving a hefty +9 prayer boost.

The twisted bird necklace had a special effect: it restores prayer points for every bone burried. Regardless of bone type (regular, burnt, monkey, or big), the necklace will restore 10 prayer points for every bone burried.

This could be useful for players who train at monsters taht drop bones, such as moss giants, allowing them to use weak prayers (like thick skin, clairty of thought, or burst of strength). Thanks to the prayer boost of the necklace as well as the 10 prayer points gained for each death the drain rate of these prayers is greatly reduced.

Players should note that this effect DOES NOT work on any type of ash

The twisted bird skull necklace used to restore 20 prayer points for burrying big bones instead of the standard 10.

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