Weapons are the damage dealers of runescape. they are what allow players to inflict damage. weapons can be made out of a variety of things ranging from wood to metals such as rune. According to the metals strength the damage dealt is also tied in for EXAMPLE! rune need level 50 attack to wield and hit aaaaaa lot more damage that bronze which requires level 1 attack to wield.

There are 3 types of weapons MAGIC RANGE and MELEE. magic deals magic damage and is good against melee armor, range deals ranged damage and is good against magic armor and melee need to be infront of the target and deals good damage to ranged armor.. so the combat triangle looks like this:

                                              so melee rapes range, range rapes magic and magic rapes melee


                                                               rapes         /             \         rapes

                                                                             /                   \

                                                                     Range   -------------- magic


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